Ditch Break Foam


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ULTRA-THANE 200 DB is a two-component polyurethane foam system, co-blown with water and 245fa, formulated for exterior ditch breakers, pipeline pads and void filling. It was designed to provide excellent dimensional stability and can be applied in thick continuous applications without scorching. The system may be formulated to meet special application environmental conditions such as temperature and altitude extremes.


ULTRA-THANE 230 3 is used extensively as a superior thermal insulation and waterproofing product for new and remedial roofing.


Keep liquid chemical temperature at 70-80OF prior for use. Cold chemicals can cause poor mixing and equipment processing problems due to higher viscosities at low temperatures.

Storage temps should not exceed 100OF. Do not store drums and totes in direct sunlight. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use and under a nitrogen blanket of 2-3 psi after they have been opened.


  • Hydrophobic/Closed cell system, will not absorb water in any significant amount (refer to physical properties)
  • Low Exothermic reaction, build up DB without scorching


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