ULTRA-GUARD 5700 High Solids Elastomeric Silicone


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ULTRA-GUARD 5700 is a single-component silicone elastomer specifically designed to protect construction surfaces from the effects of weather and moisture. The outstanding features of ULTRA-GUARD 5700 are its high solids content, rapid cure and superior physical properties. ULTRA-GUARD 5700 is designed as a two-coat system consisting of a basecoat with a contrasting colored topcoat.



ULTRA-GUARD 5700 is designed to provide a durable elastomeric protective coating for sprayed polyurethane foam insulation. ULTRA-GUARD 5700 can be used by itself as the complete protective coating membrane. With the addition of ceramic roofing granules embedded into the coating surface, superior abrasion resistance is achieved.



ULTRA-GUARD 5700’s dry time may be shortened with the addition of an accelerator package. ULTRA-GUARD 5700 exhibits excellent adhesion to sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam as well as other construction surfaces. ULTRA-GUARD 5700 retains its flexibility and membrane integrity from -80o F to +250o F.


Weathering and Resistance Properties

ULTRA-GUARD 5700 has excellent appearance and good flexibility with no checking, cracking or significant discoloration after 8,000

hours Accelerated Weathering exposure in an Atlas carbon arc weatherometer according to ASTM D-822. ULTRA-GUARD 5700 has excellent heat resistance to 250o F, good salt, acid and solvent resistance, and fair alkali resistance.


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