ULTRA-THANE 230 2.5 Roofing Foam


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ULTRA-THANE 230 2.5 Roofing Foam is a two component spray-in-place rigid monolithic polyurethane foam insulation. This product can be formulated in a variety of densities to accommodate a broad range of applications. ULTRA-THANE 230 2.5 contains no ozone-depleting chemicals.


ULTRA-THANE 230 2.5 is used extensively as a superior thermal insulation and waterproofing product for new and remedial roofing.

Cold Storage

ULTRA-THANE 230 2.5 is the insulation of choice for maintaining the rigid climatic conditions of many cold storage buildings.

Tank Insulation

ULTRA-THANE 230 2.5 is an excellent insulation for hot and cold storage vessels.


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